90 Statuary and Garden Ornament from The Vintage Garden Company

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Statuary and Garden Ornament

Statue of a Maiden with Pedestal
£645 inc pedestal
Large Bust of Bacchus and Column
Large Bust of Bacchante and Column
Large Stone Elephant
Large 6ft Stone Sundial
Great Dane Statue
Pair of Olive Jars
£450 the pair
Mossy Boy Figure
Pair of Weathered Lions
£345 the pair
Classial Male Statue
Statue of Andromeda with Circular Pedestal
£445 inc pedestal
Lichen Dove Lady
£345 inc pedestal
Water Boy
Statue of Venus
£445 inc pedestal
Pair of Lions with Shields
£275 the pair
Statue of a Boy
£175 inc pedestal
Water Maiden
Flower Girl and Pedestal
£445 inc pedestal
Small Iron Armillary

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Tel: 07828 814 522   
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