90 Statuary and Garden Ornament from The Vintage Garden Company

The Vintage Garden Company
Vintage and Antique Decorative Garden Reclamation
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Statuary and Garden Ornament

Large Well Planter
Pair of Monumental Lions
£2,750 the pair
Large Pope Urn and Pedestal
£1,795 including pedestal
Nude Figure
Stone Boar
Stone Tortoise
Pair of Child Figures
£245 the pair
Statue of Venus Bathiing
£695 including pedestal
Pair of Lions with Rams
£375 the pair
Pair of Putti Roman Soldiers
£775 the pair
Large Bust of Bacchus with Pedestal
Large Bust of Pan with Column
Composite Stone Balls
£245 a pair
Composite Bust
Antique Figure of a Child
£1,495 including pedestal
Pair of Vintage Lions
£445 the pair
Pair of Large Garden Obelisks
£1,445 the pair
Pair of Lichen Lions
£175 the pair
Wirework Peacock
Water Boy
Statue of a Boy
£175 inc pedestal

The Vintage Garden Company, Penn House, Old London Road, Coldwaltham, Nr Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1LF, UK    
Tel: 07828 814 522   
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