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Urns and Planters

Pair of Octagonal Planters
£345 the pair
Pair of Patinated Troughs
£260 the pair
Pair of Large Sandford Stone Urns and Pedestals
£895 the pair
Pair of Simple Urns
£545 the pair
Large Garland Planters
£380 each
Decorative Troughs
£220 a pair
Pair of Bowl Urns
£275 the pair
Large Flower Urn
Pair of Cherry Urns
£595 the pair
Pair of Large Campania Urns
£645 the pair
Pair of Patinated Planters
£220 the pair
Very Large Italian Planter
Pair of Campania Urns
£295 the pair
Set of 4 Large Rose Planters
£1,200 the set
Large Ornate Urn
Pair of Large Acanthus Troughs
£645 the pair
Antique Coppers
£645 each
Very Large Tazza Urn
Pair of Large Flower Planters
£495 the pair
Set of 3 Small Basket Planters
£225 the set
Pair of Patinated Rose Planters
£645 the pair
Pair of large Lion Urns
Antique Faux Bois Stand
Small Decorative Urn with Pedestal
Dolly Tubs
£120 each
Mossy Urn with Pedestal
Pair of Campania Urns
£445 the pair
Maiden Planter
Pair of Garland Planters
£295 the pair
Antique Marble Urn
Large Fluted Planter
Shallow Urn with Pedestal
Basket Planter
Very Large Terracotta Planter
Pair of Grape Urns with Pedestals
£445 the pair
Large Terracotta Planters
£545 each
Large Stone Planters
£675 each
Small Lead Trough
Vintage Flower Planters
£95 each
Classic Stone Trough
£145 each
Pair of Classic Stone Troughs
£290 the pair
Pair of Lobbed Urns
Antique Terracotta Campania Urn
Pair of Large Cast Urns
£575 the pair
Large Copper Planter
Large Dolphin Urn with Pedestal
Galvanised Planters
£120 each
Large Galvanised Tubs
£160 each
Pair of Large Dishes
£775 the pair
Pair of Ribbon Planters
£495 the pair
Large Lead Troughs
£1,150 each
Pair of Ivy Planters
£145 the pair
Small Weathered Urn and Pedestal
Octagonal Planter
Large Decorative Bowl
Very Large Decorative Urn and Pedestal
Very Large Garden Urns
£775 each
Set of 4 Classic Urns
£595 the set
Large Tazza Urn and Plinth
£845 including plinth
Pair of Large Composite Square Planters
£475 the pair
Large Medici Urn
Lobbed Urn
Pair of Antique Terracotta Urns
£645 the pair
Pair of Garden Urns
£375 the pair
Terracotta Fruit Planter
Vintage Urn
Pair of Lattice Jardinieres
£875 the pair
Carved Stone Troughs
£225 each
French Well Head or Planter
Very Large Tazza Urn and Pedestal
Marble Mortar
Lion Planter
Terracotta Urn and Pedestal
Terracotta Bowl Urn
Ivy Planter
Pair of Decorative Square Planters
£295 the pair
Sun and Rain Pot
Galvanised Planter
Pair of Large Terracotta Pedestals
£745 the pair
Small Decorative Bowl
Grape Urn
Pair of Grape Planters
£220 the pair
Garland Planter
Pair of Deco Planters
£220 the pair
Pair of Bluebell Planters
£245 the pair
Art Deco Planter
Classic Garden Urns
£345 a pair
Pair of Iron Ring Urns
£345 the pair
Pair of Small Iron Urns with Pedestals
£275 the pair
Large Scalloped Urn

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